Don Cartel was born on the 20th of July 1980 in the town of Viota, Colombia. At the age of 7 Daniel took piano/synthesizer lessons. At the age of 10, Daniel fell in love with his computer, the Commodore Amiga. From that moment on making music had become the great passion of his life. When he was 14 years old, Daniel decided to pursue his journey into the world of midi. He bought a Roland s-760 sampler to make his first tracks. Hardcore was the main music he started to produce.

Finally he released his first E.P. with DJ Chosen Few on the label H2OH recordings. In that same year he signed a publishing deal with Floor Control Music.

Influenced by the wide musical expertise of the Floor Control Producers , he took his first steps in producing Hardcore and Club/Trance/Tribal and Groovy and Electro music and got involved doing Remixes and productions for P.A Enhancers, DJ Attic & DJ Perpetrator vs DJ Acesone,Sound Enhancers,DJ Attic & Stylzz.

Don Cartels cd-single “The Party” was released by Mobizz Recordings/ Digidance, Record company of the Klubbheads. The single reached the 8th position in the Dutch dance charts and the 4th position in the Fresh 40 charts. Daniel started to establish a name in the dance scene.

In the Mid 2000’s 
Daniel contacted producer Roberto Zanetti (known as producer Robyx) because for 12 years it had been his wish to remix the Double You song “Please Don’t Go”. Daniel made some demo’s and sent them to Zanetti. Zanetti liked the demoʼs and agreed that Daniel could work together with Double You singer William Naraine. A friendship was born.

Daniel went to Italy and shot some video’s with William Naraine. In that same year he also remixed DJ Jean’s  hit “Every Single Day” and a remix for Bass bumpers “The Music got me” on Patriott Records together with Patrick Thomass. The summer of 2005 the single Double You feat. Don Cartel “Please Don’t Go 2005” was released by Record Company Triple b Records (Sony/Bmg) and it reached nr 48 at The Mega top 100 and stayed for 12 weeks in the charts.


From 2007 he started his own records company with Marcel Theunissen called Now Music.Working very closely with SONY-BMG Don Cartelʼs releases his tracks on his own label. To name a few titels like I Control Your Body, City of Angels 2008, Rephonic- Stronger than ever and Remixing DJ Jose forever (gone forever),House of justice 2008,DJ Jean – Every Single Day, Jeckyll & Hyde – Freefall, Bass Bumpers – The Music Got Me and producing for labels like audio damage uk and sony-bmg etc dutchman Don Cartel is the last couple of years establishing in the dance.

In 2009 he started to bring back a legacy together with Sony/BMG on the dutch market.Don Cartel has mixed the new House Party 2009 the Ultimate megamix compilation volumes and started to tour with the House Party on tour events…and played in countries like Spain..Crete..Curacao/Aruba..Germany and so on.

2012 – present was a fresh start for him. A new studio was fixed and he started his production crew “Wildboyz” together with Smash & Aries and Deftek.

Dropping bootlegs and collabs with artists like Ilker Akay, Ruben Vitalis, Smash & Aries,Brace, Yes-R, Adje Donnie, Gio, Nega, G-Town Madness and more.

Recently he has signed a publishing deal with PM Recordings/BMG Talpa and started a collaboration and a new label with PM Recordings called ‘Danja Beatz’. The story Continues.

PM Recordings starts collaboration with Wildboyz Productions and BMG Talpa.

PM is launching a new eclectic dance label called ‘Danja Beatz’ together with Wildboyz Productions. This new imprint will be the home of eclectic dj team Smash & Arius, who’re working with famous rap artists in The Netherlands, such as: Yes-R, Gio, Adje, Cho, Kalibwoy. One of the first releases on Danja Beatz is a collaboration with Yes-R. PM Recordings will also release the EDM and other Wildboyz Productions on the PM labels and partner labels. The publishing for all these productions will be done by PM Recordings in collaboration with BMG Talpa.