Don Cartel

Started in the early 90's making music and got signed by publishing fund FloorControl Music.learned and joined the Attic & Stylzz and Sound Enhancers Crew.
Begin 2000's started with his Don Cartel Project and released originals collabs and remixed for labels like Spinning Records, DigiDance, Mid-Town Records, Universal, Sony-BMG, Zzap Recordings, Onestowatch Records, PM Recordings, Dirty Dutch, PeakHour Music and Artists Like Sidney Samson, Carnage, DJ Jean, Billy The Kit, DJ Jose, Brace, Yes-R, Gio, Ilker Akay, Ruben Vitalis, T.G.T, The Partysquad, Freestyle Maniacs and many more.

Over the years he played his gigs in country's Like Belgium/Spain/Greece/Germany/Czech Republic/North-America and he's still getting more established in the dance scene

He works closely together with his wide expertise of his Wild boyz crew (Sidney Samson, Ruben Vitalis, Ilker Akay, G-Town Madness, Robert Danza)

Don Cartel also works together with Beatmillionaire. He produced multiple beats for the new brand. Beatmillionaire is the #1 place to go to as a producer or beatmaker. Beatmillionaire shares knowledge and gives you FREE resources, tools and much more.

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what i play

music styles

  • Ambient
  • Chillout
  • Lounge
  • R&B / funk
  • House
  • Chill house
  • Beach house
  • Electropop
  • Trance
  • Nu disco